What is it about Mondays that makes me want to stay in my bed, buried in my blankets up to my eyeballs and call in sick? Hell, I’m self-employed so I could do this if I wanted but I’d be calling into myself *grins*. It’s just the notion of Monday and it being the longest stretch there is until the end of the work week. Plus, throw in this rainy weather and it’s perfect material for writing a depressing song or a really creepy scene for one of my stories.

Then, I check my e-mail accounts and all I see are headlines about death, kidnapping and our dying economy. It’s enough to make someone crawl under a rock so I can sympathize with all the people who choose to bury their fears in a super-sized meal from McDonald’s or a pack of Marlboro’s despite the pleas of commercials like The Truth and reality shows like The Biggest Loser. *sigh* It is definitely a squeezer’s world and I have to try with all my might to make sure the juice they squeeze out of me is oozing optimism and hope rather than the pessimism and fear they hope to expel on a daily basis from each one of us.

So, I hauled my butt out of bed this morning, tried to see the beautiful fall colors through the dismal, cold rain and reminded myself that it is what it is and nothing is ever as bad as it seems. Take that all you squeezers!

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