Just a quick post to show my appreciation to Theme Headers for the new header image I’m using on my blog.

Someday soon I plan to have my own header image designed (to tie into my website redesign) but until then I think this one (look up *grins*) works just fine for my theme.

If you’d like to check out Theme Headers, visit them over here.

FYI: I plan to reply with comments to this post with additional credits if and when I use another online source for something to decorate or spruce up my blog here on WordPress.


  1. I found a really cool website where you can create all kinds of signs, I mean ALL kinds of signs. Check it out at Yeah, it’s just one more place to suck my time, but it’s fun 🙂

  2. Another goodie I located is Banner Maker at Check ’em out and make up some of your own funny, inspirational, header or whatever banners. Oh, and another free banner maker site is Have fun!

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